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    Hey guys, one more question from me on my first day of WebOs use. Right out of the box it seems the LED light in the gesture area isn't working. This isn't a huge deal, I just think it's neat and would like it to work. Any ideas?
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    This would be sad for day one, but have you tried doctoring it?

    EDIT: actually if this is a new device, contact your carrier and tell them about it. They'll likely exchange it
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    Sounds like an internal problem, you may have too take it in and they will either give you a brand new pixi or a refurbished one. Other than that i dont know of a fix for this problem. One suggestion is going to the Device info app on the last page of your pixi, pressing preferences in the top left corner of your screen, then tests (right above help) and running the quick tests, then go to interactive tests, then press the touch sensors button and run through the test, it doesnt take long, and sending the info into palm when your done. (below the bottom of all the tests)
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    that IS a huge deal! I like my gesture light! lol. It should light up with swipes back and forth. I would take it into <carrier> store and have them check it out.

    I mean how else would you know you have a new message, call, e-mail, anything, omg?! Seriously have them look at it if you can't get it to work. After a few months it will become very annoying, and webOS is so great its worth it to have it fixed now when its still new, especially if you don't have the insurance, take it back asap!
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    for the first 30 days mosy carriers wll swap out a new one right at the store. Just test before you leave to make sure it's perfect.

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