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    I am planning to sell my Sprint Palm Pixi on ebay. I actually got the phone as part of an Ellen Degeneres Christmas giveaway show. I have yet to turn on the phone but that is because I am not sure if I should. When I got it, I had a card that said I would get 5 months of free voice and data service (for new customers only). So the question I have now is, should I just sell the phone without turning the phone on? If I turn it on, I believe I would be officially activating it. And the other part of my question is, if the person I sell it to turns it on, how do they continue the service beyond the 5 months? Will they have to register the phone? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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    yes, it is worth more if you haven't touched it.
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    If you activate the phone you will almost certainly have to sign an agreement with Sprint, even with that 5 free months of service. So the only way you could sell the phone to someone else would be to a. cancel and pay the ETF or b. transfer the service to them. Transferring service to your buddy who lives next door is a total pain so I cant imagine trying to transfer service. My advice would be to sell at as brand new with the 5 months of service. The phone's full retail value is about $350 plus 5 months of service which is a $350 value. Of course you will not get that much on ebay but you could get a good bit.
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    Thanks for the help!
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    I have another question. If I sell this phone to someone who already has a Sprint number, can they just cancel the promo service (and number) that comes with the phone and activate the phone with their existing number?

    I found a Sprint page that basically tells you how to switch phones by activating via internet but I don't know if this is the same situation.
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    yep. They can just call sprint customer service...

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