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    I'm waiting for my Pixi to arrive to become a WebOS user, and while perusing these forums I've stumbled upon an application called 'Classic'.

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but this app appears to emulate the original Palm Garnet OS such as was on older phones like the Centro, in the WebOS environment.

    Can anyone give me more information about this thing? Does it run in a card? Can you run any Garnet OS application? I'm really thinking about Little John Palm here, since people have been saying VBA doesn't work on the Pixi.

    Any info is appreciated!
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    Is does emulate the old Palm phones. Can't comment on Little John I think the wiki has information about it though.
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    Which wiki? Have a link?
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    I've tried little john on pre. Don't bother. it crashes
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    Classic Emulates a Palm Centro. It will run palm OS4.2 apps. It will not run apps that were tied to the Treo roms however. You can download it out of the App catalog and try for free for 1 week. If you can get it on sale it is not bad. $30 however is to much for this app in my opinion
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    Go to MotionApps for a list of Palm apps that are compatible.
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