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    Does the Pixi on Sprint have a mobile hotspot?

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    no sir... no wifi at all on the sprint pixi.
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    the pixi on sprint has no wifi, therefor it cannot tether a data connection outward.
    nor does it have mytether.
    only verizon has mobile hotspot on both the pre plus and pixi plus.
    the at&t pre plus and pixi plus are capable of having mobile hotspot, but this currently only for verizon customers. however, one can install mytether, if one isnt afraid of their carrier punishing them with a fine if they get caught using it
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    The only way you would be able to do it would be with mytether on bluetooth. Myself, I would prefer this method anyway....
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    How can I tether my Pixi via USB?

    Sorry for being a newb but I have been searching the forums for a while now and just can't find a solid "yes" or "no" answer TIA

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