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    This morning on my walk to work I noticed that my 3g stopped working. I have an AT&T Palm Pixi running 1.4.3. Wifi still works, the phone works. But no data service other than wifi.

    (a) is this common with the pre phones?
    (b) how do I get my signal back?

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    It could just be a network problem, that happens sometimes. Open the phone app tap preferences on the top left dropdown menu and make sure everything is on, then see if you can update the network settings.
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    Perhaps it is a network problem, but I doubt it. I have had this problem all day long: "SOS only". I saw some scattered postings about this for Pre users on the O2 network in the UK.
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    it's the horrible service at&t has. Don't blame it on the phone.
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    Perhaps, but how can I be sure?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    it's the horrible service at&t has. Don't blame it on the phone.
    I get great service from at&t here in the Miami-Dade County area in S. Florida. There is practically no place here in Miami-Dade where I dont have a good signal, great signal in fact from at&t.
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    Turns out the problem was an incomplete activation.

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