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    I am new to webOS and palm phones, but i have been doing fairly well downloading themes, apps, and patches using preware. But ive seen a lot about kernel, uberkernel, and other kernels, i found them on preware but the description confused me more than anything, so a simple explanation too what these "kernels" do and why everyone has them would be appreciated, thanks! sorry that im a noob!
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    I am not a programmer so I am not an expert on this stuff, but to my understanding, a kernel is a piece of software that is used to "connect" the processing hardware (the internal processing chips and such) to the software on the users end.

    When talking about kernels here, people are usually referring to custom made kernels by different people in the palm community to get better performance out of their pre. These custom kernels are kind of like taking the governor out of a golf cart to make it go faster. The processor in the pre is capable of speeds up to around 1GHz, maybe more, but the kernel that palm has written limits it to 500 Mhz (about half of 1Ghz, if you didn't know). Palm and many other manufacturer's do this because the chip makers don't think it is good for the chip to run faster than a certain level, and it also helps save battery life.

    These custom kernels, known as the uberkernel, are made to enable the pre to work at faster speeds, at the risk of overheating and frying your pre (which has not been reported to have happened yet) as well as reducing battery life and potentially voiding your warranty.

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