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    With the upcoming webos version 1.4.5 that is supposed to add access to PDK apps to the palm pixi. I thought it would be a good idea to have Pre users who already have acess to PDK apps, give Pixi users some suggestions and advice on what are some good PDK apps.

    Since I am a pixi user, i can't really start off with any.
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    N.O.V.A.(I use control set 3, which has 2 joysticks on the screen, and that might not be so easy with a Pixi, your choice though.)
    Assassin's Creed(I have the free version and it's not too bad)
    Gangstar(Decent, also have the free version, driving is kind of weird with accelerometer)

    I own Ancient Frog, but honestly if I had a demo, I wouldn't have bought it. That's my taste though.
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    Does 1.4.5 give the Pixi access to the current games or future games designed specifically for the Pixi? I thought it was the latter...
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    excuse my ignorance but after researching it looks like PDK is just usefull for 3d games and such. I thought it would be good for other types of apps, like some of the really good apps the iphone supposedly have. I ask this because I remember last year when techies where saying the the apps would be limited in webos since at the time there where no PDK kit or apps.

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