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    I've had my Pixi Plus for a few weeks now (on O2 in the UK), and have been getting reasonably regular crashes every day or so where the phone simply blackscreens and reboots. As I've not had a chance to fool around with devmode / homebrew or do anything beyond using the basic apps, I'm quite certain this is not normal and I'll be looking to get it replaced soon. However, I was curious as to the general stability of the Pixi and how often others experience crashes (on what you'd consider a non-broken phone).
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    My girlfriend returned her first Pixi Plus because it rebooted itself. Her replacement does the same thing but less regularly.
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    I've had my sprint pixi for quite a while now. It has rebooted a few times. Roughly I'd say it reboots once or twice a month.

    I think it has problems with the web browser which I don't use much.
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    I have had a sprint pixi and plam pre the pixi since launch day has only rebooted once the pre a couple times but that was error with installing files thats about it
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    Pixi on Sprint since Feb 1st. Mine has rebooted once, but I think it was my fault. Can't remember what I was doing, but I stopped something prematurely I think. I'd do two things. Frist make sure the back cover is fully seated otherwise the battery could lose contact. Second, run webOS Doctor, be sure to back up everyrhing first.
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    once every 4 days or so. Not a big deal
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    When I had my Pixi(s), all three of mine crashed at least once every day. I finally got tired of it and asked Sprint to give me a totally different phone.
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    Mine doesn't reboot itself it just freezes when I'm trying to run 3 heavy ram-usage apps. I just have to be careful what to run so it won't happen. For example, trying to run the music app, digloo, messaging and then a web page will have my phone bogging down. It sometimes completely freezes on me and I have to take out the battery to reboot. I still love it though
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    My Pixi Plus did this twice on Sunday for no apparent reason.

    Actually the second time the screen wouldn't respond, so I had to do a battery pull.
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    it used to happen often but now I just restart the phone every night or morning and seems to help a lot.
  11. #11 wife has a palm pixi plus on o2 uk and its been rebooting a couple of times a day. She's had to remove the battery a couple of times as well. I ran webosdoctor on it a few days ago and have held off installing any homebrew on it until I can work out whether its the phone or homebrew causing it. So far so good...
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    Mine only reboots when it freezes up for a minute. Better than removing the battery...
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    I don't remember the last time my pixi rebooted (unlike my old treo 650!)...i have a fair share of apps and patches and it's very stable. I used to luna restart once every few days bc of TMC erroc but that's been a thing of the past since uberkernel Sorry to hear about everyones issues :/
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    I've had my Palm Pixi since Sprint first made them available, and I've never noticed a self-reboot by the device. I have some Homebrew patches installed, a few apps, etc. So I haven't filled up my phone's storage space completely. What I do have as a precaution is Homebrew app called "Preset Reset" which automatically reboots my Pixi every day at 4:00 am (which can potentially help with any memory leak issues with misc apps).

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    mine will reboot on occasion and freeze all the time just opening a web page (only 1 card open) Some times I get the TMC error with no cards open when I try to open a app.
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    I bought a (german) pixi for a friend, myself using a pre that never reboots. Her's is several times dead while unused. Reboots only after manually starting it again. The bad thing: the phone is completely disconnected from calls, text messages, e-mail during this period and the user doesn't even know. What to do else than trying to get the phone replaced that may have the same deficiency.
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    my pixi was just 6 days with me. It was used very hard (at the beginning i must charge the battery 3 time a day) and after installing lots and lots of apps and trying many calls, sms, mails, etc it never rebooted itself.

    I just needed to reboot it after installing angry brids, because of to less ram.
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    Have had a Pixi+ in the UK (O2) for approx 2 months now and have yet to notice any rebooting at all... apart from when I initiate it myself.
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    Have had my sprint pixi for 5 months now, its spontaneously rebooted maybe 4 times during that time and it hard locked one time(where had to remove battery).

    I run it at 806mhz now and its rebooted 2 of those 5 times w/ that, if its stability issues because of OC or not....cant be quite sure, since it was known to reboot before.

    Out of those 5 reboots, it simply just restarted luna 4 times and one time it was an actual full phone reboot.

    So, I believe those 4 times were actually due to amazingly high RAM / swap usage, since I was approaching 140MB swap usage. Then luna would restart.
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    i find that with both the pre and pixi, turning dev mode off stops a lot of crashes

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