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    Having an issue with my new Pixi.

    The volume switch is very finicky. Not like sensitive to the touch changes the setting, but in the off (red) position, it is set to silent/vibrate. However in the on (black) position, it does not change to audible mode.

    I need to very carefully move the toggle to the center position to get the volume up again.

    Has anyone seen this issue before?
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    Might want to visit your Carrier's store... My Pixi has a similar issue and from what I've read they should be able to replace the phone. I've not done this yet because a.) I'm lazy b.) I've learned to live with it.
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    My pixi (sprint) had a similar issue, and it would switch back and forth form silent to not silet randomly and if you pressed the screen near the volume buttons...but was an EASY fix at the Sprint store. Did not have to exchange the phone, and took 30 minutes.

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