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    someone please help! I try to text my friend and my pixi keeps claiming that her phone is a landline, and it's not!!! Then I tried to call and it said the call can't go through. My texts and calls go through with everyone else. Does anyone know what's causing this?!
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    Did you use the area code?
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    yeah, I've tried multiple times with and without the area code, even tried putting a 1 in front, and it still claims that it's a landline phone, I received a text from her, but when I went to respond it once again claimed that she was using a landline!
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    Which provider does she use?
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    I think verizon, which is also what I have. Could it maybe be a problem of hers and not mine? It's very irritating not being able to get ahold of 1 particular person like that.
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    Was her number originally a land line number? My guess is it is more of a network issue but I could be wrong. Though I have never ran into an issue like that before, maybe try using their sms email?

    which is their 10 digit phone number and then (that is if verizon)


    Good luck
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    thanks for tryin to help. I'll get it figured out. I read someone on the android forums had the same pro lem with their droid, maybe it's a verizon problem.

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