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    I was wondering if there is a way to download files from the internet from the webos browser. I have a server at home that I keep files accessible for download via a password. I can see the files when I browse them but when I tap the file it gives me a yellow! . I tried filecoaster is seem not to work since it does not have a place for a password. I am mainly trying to access my word docs and pdf's. This would be really helpful I could download onto the phone then email then anywhere.
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    in the preware list of everything, install the multimod browser patch. it allows you the option to either stream or download the selected file
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    Ok I installed it and I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. If I try a MP3 it gives me the prompt to stream or download if I choose download it says it will download to media/internal/downloads. When choose it still gives me a yellow! and I browse with internalz it is not there. And if I choose another type of file it does not give me the download prompt I will try to see if there is any info in the forums. Thanks.
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    ctrl-tap on the file link, then choose "Download URL". Works for my home server files.

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