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    ok i need help getting themes on my pixi, i downloaded quick install and went to themer i get a list of all the themes but i cant put any of them on my pixi, an error comes up for every theme i try to install, it says that it was unable to find url, so i read that you have to have preware on ur phone for themes, well that doesnt work either, when i open preware on my phone the only options are available packages,installed packages, list of everything, and saved pakage list, so there is supposed to be another tab that says available themes, and i dont have that, so can any one please help

    thank you
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    check the preferences menu to make sure the theme feed is turned on and visible

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    Go on preware, click on the top left corner to bring up a preference list, click manage feeds. then turn on prethemer and themer and there will be your themes. I recommend "The Ultimate Pre Theme" i love it.
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    Do you have LSdiff, diffstat and GNU patch installed also? That may be one of them problems.
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    i have the themes tab but its not lit up, it shows me no themes are available

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