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    When I went to buy the Pixi, I wanted to know about battery life. I am starting med school and wanted a phone with email attachments and some power user crap, but had some semblance of usability with respect to battery life. So I didn't go with the PRE. Why the Pixi then? Less processor and screen size to eat batteries, and I LOVED my plain ol' slab of a feature phone that had a qwerty.

    EASTER EGG: fun iPhone anecdote at the end of my story

    So, with 10 days left on my 30 day trial period with the device, here goes... (conclusion at the bottom)

    7:30 a.m., in the car, 20 min drive to work playing music (remix app, of course)
    Noon: made some phone calls, googled once or twice, responded to a few emails. Battery at 75%ish

    1:00, in the office doing B.S., time to flex some battery. (lack of WiFi really ****ing me off, but I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 8 years and they were good to me in hard times...) Anyway... HALF PRICE APPS BABY: upgrade my Super Contacts (SC), upgrade to full version of Flashcards, buy a few books for $0.50. Start really messing with SC, loading up all my contacts into different groups (super cool interface). Set up my Quizlet account over the internet on phone. Read websites on phone, play with settings on some settings app that I later deleted (homebrew, was sort of buggy but great concept, just didn't need really).

    2:00, still messing with SC (boy do I have a lot of contacts), decide to download some music. Battery at about 50%... Amazon music store is down, keep trying, no avail. Make a few phone calls, look up some of my school info on website, send some emails. Surf PReCentral for some info on Amazon store being down... Look at a few PDF's on my phone just to tax it

    3:00, let the phone rest. About 40% remains. I've left my SC app on minimized since I got it installed. When I am done with cards, I close them. Had about 5 cards open max, but rare, usually no more than 2.

    4:00, run to the bank. Make a few calls, answer some emails. SC still running, still can't get Amazon songs. Forum says it is down, so it is not my phone.

    5:00, battery starting to get low, about 20%. Still using moderately. A little Pandora on the car ride home. Get home and use PC to get on forum, discover turning off the information that pings to Palm, immediately set it to minimal info gathering... phone gets a little snappier (maybe placebo effect, but likely not). Playing on phone relentlessly now, still trying to download music while surfing the web for answers on phone. Getting into the 15% range.

    6:00, time to go work out. Get to friend's house, he is not ready. Talk on phone until he is ready. Now we are getting to about 10%. Time to put on charger (around 6:30).

    So conclusions... this is WAY more than I will ever use my phone during a normal day unless I put it on music and let it roll... so far running music constantly, it seems that I get about 5 hours. I don't know how I feel about that, seems OK, but I don't think I'll be able to study without toting a charger with me. Other than that though, not bad.

    Here is the deal though. I am NOT a power user. If a card is open, I close it before moving on unless I need the info on that card (i like looking at my notes while dialing or looking at the internet, good way to keep info). I never got more than 5 cards open. Not because I couldn't, but because I never needed more than that.

    I'll certainly get the Sedio extended life battery, but not because I am depressed about how long this one lasts, I just always want more. I love the Sprint TV function, and will probably use the heck out of it at airports, and that probably drains a boatload.

    If this wasn't enough to make me feel satisfied with my decision... my buddy left his iPhone in my truck today. So of course, I played with it and messed with all of his settings. I had never really messed with an iPhone before... I'll say that, after using WebOS for 20 days... wow is it hard to go back. The iPhone UI felt clunky and I didn't navigate it worth a crap. NO SWIPE GESTURES??? FUHGETTABOUTIT! Nice screen size, REALLY nice touch keyboard on that thing (nothing beats clicking buttons though). But it was like going from a Ferrari to a Winnebago.
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    You want to get through the day without the battery dying, just toggle data on and off as you need it.

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