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    If i do a full secure erase of my phone, doctor it, and delete my backup, when i sign into my palm profile, will it be like i'm just creating a profile when i got the phone, as in no information should be on it?
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    Well, since nobody got back to me in time i took my chances and yes, it will reset your phone. the only information that came back onto my phone was the applications that i had downloaded but none of the scores, calendar events, preware settings or the contacts that i had were downloaded.
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    The profile has all your backup data, so if you do a full erase and doctor, it should show up nothing.
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    It remembed my apps and thats it. I had asked a while afo if backup rememered preware stuff, and it does. I found that out earlier today. Preware settings andsome other preferences get stored too.

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