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    Ive seen this question asked in the webos forum, but they neve answer. So i look to someone who has experience. What does the minimum setting pertain to as far a phone use? Does it have anything to do with the speed? If i set it to 122.88 will it sve more battery and have an effect on speed, or just battery? If set to 122.88 and 600 would it be better on battery and just as quick as 600 and 600 because the maximum is high?
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    The Pixi has an on-demand governor, which means if the processor is being used a lot, it scales up to 600MHz. If there isn't much for it to do, it slows down. So, ideally, you shouldn't notice very much performance difference between setting the min at 122 vs setting it at 600. It is possible that there may be a few situations where the processor is sitting at 122 and you want it to do something and it takes a moment to scale up to 600. So it may sometimes feel slightly slower because of that. But watching the graphs on Govnah, it looks like it goes to 600 pretty much most of the time the screen is on.

    It is nearly guaranteed, however, that if you set your min to 600, it will impact your battery life.
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