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    I'm new to my Pixi (and webOS for that matter), so please forgive my n00bness.

    Anyway, the following patches failed to install on my AT&T Pixi:

    -Uber Calender
    -Advanced Configuration for App Launcher
    -Named Pages in Launcher
    -AM-PM Indicator in Top Menu

    Are there any known conflicts that would prevent these patches from being installed? Or do I have to install certain patches in order? I know the two launcher patches I listed conflict with each other but I can't get the Advanced Config one installed with no launcher patches, other than auto-popup w/ no cards.
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    What other patches do you have installed? The UberCalendar conflicted with some of my other Calendar patches so I took them all off and started 1st with UberCalendar then see which ones I still needed.

    More often than not, it's a patch that has duplicate/similar actions that you're trying to double up on that gives the error -see what other patches you have that could have a chance to conflict with functionalities of each other...that'll get you started...

    Do a trial & error in each of the categories that you're having issue in...
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    Thanks for the help, got everything sorted out by removing certain patches (Ubercalender contained many of the ones I had already, as well as the launcher patch).

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