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    Kind of new to this forum, so please excuse my noobish questions and lack of knowledge.

    Recently purchased Pixi Plus from verizon, and have been going to town with preware and all of the apps and random customizations for the phone. However I have run into a problem with one specific app, VisualBoyAdvance.

    I have been trying to install it from preware but I can't find it anywhere in the app market, even after updating. So I have been trying the alternative of installing it directly from WebOS quick install however when I do this I get an error message saying "Clearing State-want and state_flag for pkg=org.webosinternals.visualboyadvance (arch... "

    So my question is, what can I do to get VBA on my pixi? Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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    I believe VBA was compiled specifically for the Pre. I don't think the Pixi could run it anyway. However, with the next update, the Pixi will be able to run PDK apps. I'm sure developers will make emulators. It's only a matter of time.

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