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    I have the Palm Pixi Plus for AT&T and lately I've been experiencing problems with my phone freezing up then restarting itself. Has anyone had this or any similar problems; and also perhaps a way to fix this issue ? Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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    occasional restart. no big thing
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    Mine does this every now and then as well.
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    Do you use the Facebook Beta App? There have been some issues with that.

    Despite this being something that does happen from time to time on any phone/OS/computer... it should NOT be a regular occurrence.

    If it's happening a lot, I would recommend running Jason's Repair tool and if that doesn't help the Doctor is there for you as well.
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    I do use the Facebook Beta App. But it doesnt freeze while using it, its usually something else.
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    I found that it would usually freeze soon after throwing the Facebook Beta card away... almost always when I threw it away while viewing a picture or album.

    I have been careful to back out of any albums before throwing the card away and I haven't had a freeze/restart in several weeks.
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    Yeah, I suffer the same problem, hope palm fixes these bugs.
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