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    I change mine every day sometimes twice a day! How about you?
    Are you constantly changeing themes
    or just stick with one?
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    No theme, same wallpaper for months - I like consistency.
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    I actually really dislike themes :P I like the stock look. Even the grey backgrounds have grown on me.
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    I've kept the same theme i found from day 1 with preware, the ultimate pre theme.
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    Ha ima themeohlic then :P
    I do like the stock look it's just sometimes it gets to dull for me :/
    Still.. I've yet to find a theme that I actually wanna keep and not change the next day :P
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    Every Since Grayscale 3D Bevels Came Out, Ive Been Using That. I LOVE What The Creator Has Done.

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    I like the Droid Theme(Gerard)
    by Joshhouse82 I just hate how it's the launcher is not transparent otherwise I would use it everyday :P
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    2 times a day is a bit much,at most I will change a theme twice a month. Twice a day,installing,uninstalling themes,in my opinion you are asking for trouble.
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    I use the black-out theme with the glass effect suite. I will try something new every few weeks, but I always come back to this combo.
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    I don't change it. I have used Simple Black with Texture since I discovered it last fall. It provides a "Palm dark" look for several apps without changing the launcher background or any icons. It's perfect for me; I haven't bothered with looking at other themes.

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    Except for a brief sojourn when it wasn't available, I have always used Asia. Love it. Added the glass patch (not suite, not compatible with this theme, I don't think) when it became available in Preware.
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