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    does anyone have one of those palm backcovers?
    are those also rubberized?

    txs for any input
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    If you're talking about the palm pixi touchstone back then yes, i have one. My girlfriend and i both have them, hers is pink mine is orange. Theyre much sturdier than the original backs, feel gripper, look better and the ringer switch on the right sticks out a tiny but so it's easier to feel and flip. The power button is also easier but the volume buttons feel a tiny bit stiff, probably because they arent used much.
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    You might have some good luck at Radio Shack...they have the Pixi touchstone rubberized cover on sale!
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    first of all the power button is not easier with the touchstone cover, it has a lower profile to the power/lock button which makes turning it off on accident alot easier and harder to just get the screen back on, was enough of a problem that i changed back to the regular well as the magnet on the battery door fell off of mine in about 3 weeks (the glue they used is garbage) also touchstone charger makes ur pixi hot as an oven if you leave it on for any extended period of time which worried me as well

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