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    Hi there, I have an unlocked Palm Pixi (purchased at Vodafone Germany) which I use on the Czech Vodafone network. I need to download the CompanionLink USB app from the app catalog because I can only sync the phone via cable to MS Outlook at work. Can anyone help me fix the problem with the missing CL USB app in the app catalog? It's a bit weird. I also have an unlocked Palm Pre (bought at O2 Germany and used on the Czech O2 network) and there about 600 apps, including CL USB, in the Pre's App catalog, compared with just 40 on Palm Pixi. CL USB is a free app so it should be on all networks. Thanks for any advice.
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    Try emailing this link to your Pixi. Then click on it: This is a direct link to the CL USB Sync download:

    Please note - if you click on this link in a PC browser you will just get a Palm Developer page. The link only will work when clicked on a Pre or Pixi phone.

    I hope this information helps.
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    Thanks for this info but the link doesn't work. I followed instructions, e-mailed it to my Pixi and clicked on it there. I got the following message: "Not Found The requested URL/ was not found on this server

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