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    I got my Pixi like a month ago and noticed that not all my keyboard is properly lit. Everything around the z key is slighty bright while the rest of the keyboard is really dim same with the gesture area. Any suggestions?
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    Check the brightness level in Screen & Lock.
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    did you install the "reduce minimum brightness" patch?
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    Nope, Everything except Z,X are dim my gesture light is really dim I try brightness unlinked and that didn't help at all :/
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    Did you get anywhere with this? I have a pixi that has the same problem but on the other side. i.e. the B N M keys are bright and everything else is dim. I assume it's a hardware problem.
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    This same thing was present on the very first Pre I purchased back in June of '09. Except, the dim area on mine was the whole lower left portion of the keyboard and the rest was fairly bright. I'm assuming it's just poorly constructed hardware. Actually, I know it's poorly constructed hardware, as I am on my 7th Pre right now...I'd return it for a new one, that's what I did.

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