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    Whenever i do a luna restart or shut off and turn on my phone the phone menu (touch or slide by the battery icon) always pops up when i go to launch an app, then i have to close it and then reclick the app. Is there a way to turn this off & do any of you have the same problem? I have some menu megamix patch installed.
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    I think it has something to do with the phone menu patch, it did it to me before so I switched to a different patch and it stopped.
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    I don't have this on my stock Pixi. Looks like phone megamix might be causing this
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    Yep it happens to me everytime with the megamix patch. But I don't care it takes less than half a sec to go away and only happens when you luna restart or reboot.....soo....yea.
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    same, always does that for me too...has done it for as long as i can remember

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