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    Apparently there is a known issue with the phone for using the speaker jack... I plugged in speakers, unplugged them when done and the phone didn't recognize that the speakers are unplugged... i can't use the phone now, as plugging in speakers cancels out the internal mic and speaker... is there a way to go in and tell it that they aren't plugged in anymore or a patch... or something lol they're being *****s and saying i can only replace it once, but i know its going to happen again with a new one as soon as i plug speakers in
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    I have seen issues sometimes when the speaker's connection wasn't clean, also when the connector on the pre wasn't clean. Try putting the speaker wire in and spinning it around for a little bit, might clean it some. But i'm 99% sure there are already forum posts about how to fix this issue. But this is what worked for me the one time it happened to me.
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    I didn't see any... You wouldn't be able to post a link perhaps would you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkindonkeys View Post
    I didn't see any... You wouldn't be able to post a link perhaps would you?
    I think this should be the one
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    Fixed by savagely thrusting a speaker input toward the contact switch on the powerbutton side... j/k i stuck my ear to it and listened for it to click.. tested... then repeated that process until it worked... thx for the links
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    completely ********, i know. you would think that a company trying to build a world class smart phone would be able to figure this one out, but hey, it's palm...

    what did i do to fix it? i unplugged and plugged in my head phones a couple times, i rebooted webos a couple times, and then when that didn't work, i slammed the phone into my had a couple times... that actually seemed to work... i haven't had the issue since... true story.

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