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    i've had my pixi sence december09 and still cant set myself a ringback tone or a ringer. i have the ringer from my music but the songs i want have long introductions so its pointless because i want the corus like a normal ringtone. i cant have them sent threw messages my phone wont set it. any tips i can do? thank you!
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    Have you checked out the Free Ringtones app? Sometimes the exact piece of music that's available is random, but overall a really good way to get ringtones on your phone.

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    I already had Audacity installed on my computer, so I used that. I simply imported MP3 files of the songs I wanted into Audacity, cut approximately 30 second clips from the songs (usually choruses), exported them as .wav files, then transferred them to my Pixi. Worked like a charm.

    I tried the Free Ringtones App as well, but found most of the clips of songs to be incredibly random and cut out in the middle of lyrics. Very few seemed to be built around the chorus of the song, too.
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    there are also a few pretty good mp3 editers you can download for free and chop up any song you have.....
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    Realplayer has a converter and trimmer which is nice. I converted my Disneyland album from iTunes to a format to work on the Pixi, and then I used the trimmer to get the exact parts of each song I wanted.
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    I use audacity with the lame mp3 encoder and it works great exporting high quality sections of whatever song I choose to mp3 snippets for use as ringtones... Otherwise will let you edit a song... Then download and transfer to your pixi via the datacable by placing the clips inthe ringtones folder... But I prefer audacity as it can pull streaming audio and record from your sound output... It's super easy either way
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    Do a web search for mp3trim.exe

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