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    I can't speak for everyone, but I do think they should cut the pixi as a phone, instead to match apple, make it an mp3 player. I mean everyone think the ipod touch is the shiz, but I think palm could pull it off.
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    not a chance. Apple has the best mp3 period.
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    I use my Palm Pixi as an MP3 player using The Missing Sync I'm able to sync all my iTune library. The only downside is that the Pixi+ with at&t only has 8 GB of onboard memory as oppose to iPod touches that can carry up to 64 GB onboard memory, but the Pixi+ is more then an MP3 player, it is a smartphone to be envied in the likes of a blackberry, because underneath it's primitive hardware lies Web OS, the key to what has made this cheap device so powerful.
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    I still can't understand the bad mouthing the Pixi gets. This is my third smartphone and by far the best I've had. I don't feel the need to carry around a small computer and my Pixi delivers Exchange an Pop email without flaw, facebook, texts, light web browsing, camera and the assorted apps I need and use. I'm especially fond of Golfpinfinder. Is the Pre faster, yep, but I got the Pixi for the form factor. I have never been disappointed. A beginners smartphone? Not on your life!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    not a chance. Apple has the best mp3 period.
    Cowon J3 ftw!

    if they want to compete in the media playback field, they need gapless
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    I dont think that it would be worthwhile re-branding the Pixi as an mp3 Player.

    Rather, it would be better to see WebOS used as the OS for HP mp3/Video players

    I dont think an mp3 player should be branded with Mp3 player with the HP brand would get a lot of better recognition.
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    I always thought ipods/iphones always lacked in audio quality when comparing same songs with same bitrates.
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    well... the pixi is as thin and as light as ipods i can give you that... i dont mind seeing an iPod Touch competitor under the Pixi Brand...

    with the keyboard of course... maybe not.

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