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    Will a Palm Pixi Plus use hotmail in the e-mail app or does hotmail only work in the browser?
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    The default email app in webos can sync with hotmail inbox fine. However you won't be able to sync other folders with IMAP like funcitonality afaikafaikafaik...
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    It is my understanding that Microsoft has given hotmail full Exchange support in their recent refresh. You may look into that, unfortunately I don't have a hotmail account so I can't test it out for you but hopefully there's a support article somewhere on it.
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    Would you happen to know what I'm not doing that will not let me log into hotmail on my Pixi+? When I try I get..."unavailable at this site".

    Thanks in advance.
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    mines working fine, it's been over a year since I set it up so I don't really remember how. I think I just went to prefs & accounts and followed the add account prompts.
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    davjose, I believe that you aren't talking about the same problem as this thread is about. This thread is about the mail app "fetching" mail from Hotmail where it looks like you are trying to access Hotmail from thw web app. There have been other threads about Hotmail because they changed their code a while ago.
    The solution that I use, someone else had posted, is to use and click "continue to Hotmail" when you get the strange screen.

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