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    I have an old palm List program on my centro for which I have many lists on.. and I need to transfer them to my new palm pixi.. I have tried to copy the list but no luck. Does anyone know how I can retrieve the list files and get them transferred. Thanks
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    The trick to the Pre or Pixi is to have a Gmail account to sync contacts and calendar.

    Set up the new Gmail account. Upload the names to Gmail from your PC, maybe as a CSV or XLS file.

    The first time you tell the Pre to sync to your Gmail account all contacts will go into your Pre or Pixi.

    Step 2 is to let the Pre or Pixi sync to your Facebook account. It will merge up all the matching email addresses and add in everyone's photos, birthdays, and other Facebook info. Repeat for LinkedIn.

    Suddenly you have the most complete contact system of you life. The best part of the Facebook sync is that as friends update phone numbers, emails, photos, etc., your Pre or Pixi is updated automatically.

    To complete the cycle, use the patch to send the combined contacts to yourself as a vCard file.

    - Craig

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