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    Is there a way for a vibrate or ringtone to go off while you have a text message open so that when you get a text and you aren't looking at your phone you can still hear it and respond?
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    What you describe is what happens on my phone....and I'm running stock at the moment.
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    Really...? Mine doesn't do that while in message. I wonder if it could be the sms per tone patch or whatever it is. Hmmm.
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    I had a samsung rogue before i got the pixi plus. It had grouped text messages just like the pixi, but everytime a message would come through my text message tone would sound or i would get a vibrate. Now, if i close the message and receive another one whether it's from the same person or a different person, it sounds off. But if i have a conversation open, it just sounds for a seperate contacts message, not the one i have open.
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    yep, there is a patch in Preware for that...
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    What's it called...
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    Wait, so you're saying if you're texting a friend and they send you a txt while you have the messaging app open then you don't hear a notification sound? If so, that's weird. I know that was an issue after one of the updates for a while but I haven't had that problem since
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    think he means only if a particular conversation is open....mine acts the same way...i will get tone if the messaging app is on the main screen but while in a conversation, no if i forget to back swipe after texting someone and leave the conversation open and that person texts me back i won't know about it....
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    I still get a tone whilst in a convo.
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    i sometimes get a tone and sometimes dont get a tone . and i dont know why it works that way lol it just does .
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    Realized it was the SMS per contact v2 patch. Removed it and it works fine now.
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    I did have problems with that patch when I installed it before but I noticed it pretty quickly and went back to the original. My volume still randomly goes all the way down sometimes tho :/

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