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    I've seen a couple threads looking around but they seem mostly geared towards the pre. I've tried a couple different ones, and so far i havent managed to get good results, I don't mind loss of formatting in some videos but in some a few there's alot you can lose in the 80 pixle difference, betweent he pre and the pixi. As crazy as it might sound on a tiny screen, subtitles count amoungst those things you can't lose in conversions. Has anyone come acrossed a good tool for converting video for use ont he pixi, with a simple interface that doesnt require tons of settings and tweaks to format the video in an acceptable way? or am i stuck with tools that require advanced settings time and time again?
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    Have you tried using Handbrake? Pretty intuitive & easy to use, albeit the program is only for Macs...
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    handbrake FTW. Use the settings to create iphone video and they will be perfect on your pre or pixi
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    i ended up using xvid4psp. I used Handbrake a couple other programs, which worked great, but didn't do what i needed for subtitled anime.
    Problem i wasn't able to get past, was taking MKV files and getting them to convert and having the subtitle track show in my pixi. I have a few thoughts on why it didn't do what i wanted, but it's not entirely improtant right now. I ended up using a tool to extract the subtitles, then using xvid4psp, i was able to reencode the video with the subtitles hardcoded in. As the pixi video player doesn't seem able to read a subtitle track within a file, this was the only option i could find.

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