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    I might be switching to the Pixi+ and I was wondering if anyone can post some sample shorts taken by their Pixi? I'm just curious, I love the device, I just want to know about the camera?

    Also for you Pixi users, how is the overall performance?
    What would you give it out of ten?

    The Pre Plus just seems so huge to me, I'm so tempted to switch.
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    My son has a Sprint Pixi. This differs from the Pixi+ in only one area that I'm aware of: the Pixi doesn't have wifi, while the Pixi+ does.

    So, that said, the pixi's pictures are not nearly as crisp as the Pre's pictures. For a good comparison, see the camera section of the original Palm Pixi review:

    As far as overall performance, you can get a sense of the performance difference between the stock Pre and the stock Pixi from the videos that I shot last November:

    That said, I have since overclocked my Pre from the stock 500Mhz CPU to 800Mhz CPU and it flies in comparison to the Pixi, now. Overclocking the Pixi is not currently an option (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK).

    My recommendation to you is to find out what your carrier's return policy is. On Sprint (my carrier) I can return the device in 30 days for a full refund. If you have a return policy reasonably close to that then maybe you could try the device and see if you like it. And if you don't return it before the 30 days are up.
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    Camera, I don't mind anymore for always have my PowerShot with me.
    Do you think overclocking will come to the Pixi+ I never used it on my Pre+

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