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    I really want a WebOs device. I'm in the position to buy a pre on at&t for $100 or a pixi $50. I love the design of the pixi but I keep hearing things about performance issues. I would find good use for the pre's additional storage, memory, and screen size. I'm so torn. Help?
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    depends on what you do. Pixi isn't necessarily slower unless you are in to 3D games.

    If you can live without tethering and don't mind a smaller screen, the Pixi is good. I prefer the Pre. Definitely get what will make you happy for the next few years, even if it's $50 more.

    Perhaps you can provide more details about how you use your phone?
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    I'm not too into mobile gaming. Currently, I have a HTC G1 which I wish was a little faster. I'll mostly use my phone for music, rss feeds, homebrew, and miscellaneous other non resource-intensive applications.
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    do you prefer the candy bar form factor? Can you live with a tiny screen?

    I always suggest the Pre to start, but if I was buying it for my wife, it would be the Pix.
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    I prefer the static keyboard. But, I just bought the pre on an impulse. I can't wait to get it!
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    Go with the Pre.

    (But i'm a bit biased)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gusfacer View Post
    I prefer the static keyboard. But, I just bought the pre on an impulse. I can't wait to get it!
    You won't be disappointed. But for anyone else considering the same decision, I have a Pre and just recently got a Pixi for my daughter. I am surprised at how much I like the Pixi. The keyboard is great, I barely miss the extra screen real estate, and it only feels slower in limited situations. Beyond that, it is really thin and really light.

    But with the Pre Plus you get all that extra RAM, which would be nice to have. I think I'd go with the Pre Plus myself, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Pixi to anyone.
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    whichever device you get, disregard obviously biased adjectives such as "tiny" or "slow" when describing the pixi's screen and processor respectively. they are both good phones after all.

    what i tell people, is that if you answer yes to either of the following questions then get the pre. otherwise, i highly suggest you consider the pixi.
    - is playing complex 3D games important to you?
    - do you plan to have 8GB or more of movies and music on your phone at any given time?

    having owned both the pre (10 months) and pixi (1 month) on sprint, i much prefer the pixi. despite the smaller screen compared to the pre, i do not feel i am missing anything. everything having to do with messaging, such as texting and emailing, feels far superior on the pixi due to the keyboard. media apps such as pandora is the same on both phones so they aren't really a point of comparison.

    i am getting better battery life on the pixi; as much as double. all other factors being more or less the same: on the pre, after the battery was properly conditioned, i would be down to less than 20% by bedtime after charging it all night every night. with the pixi, i get down to less than 10% left after two consecutive days of use without charging. this means it is more than 2x the useful battery life as it not only lasts two workdays and evenings of use but also an entire night of standby.

    some apps are actually quicker on the pixi than on an (not overclocked) pre, such as the phone app and the calendar app. i think the fact that john rubinstien (ceo of palm) uses a pixi means the development team focuses more on optimizing the code for that handset. most downloadable apps are a bit speedier on the pre, but in my opinion it's a negligible discrepancy at best. over-clocking the pre definitely makes it perform faster than the pixi, no argument against that.

    and lets not forget the form factor ...
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    thanks for the help everybody! This is a great community. I made the decision to go with the pre. I guess I couldn't go wrong either way.

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