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    I just got my pixi. I tried to sync some music using Windows Media Player. Apparently,I moved the music files while using the Pixi as an external drive. Now, they are on the phone, but the music player's library won't recognize them and they won't play. My questions are:

    1. Can I somehow move the files within the Pixi so that the device's music player will find them?
    2. Will Windows Media sync with the Pixi or do I have to use Quick Time?

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    I'm pretty sure the file that the music is in does not matter, but you can move try moving one to Music and see if it shows up then.
    I think the problem might be the file type of the music. What type is the music in media player?
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    Do the music files happen to be DRM protected?
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    what file format are they? .mp3 or .wma? You'll want to make sure that Windows Media player is set up to rip your cds in a format that the pre recognizes. The Palm Pre supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV, formats. If the default is set to .wma or something other than one of the types listed you'll need to change the default in your settings and convert your library before symc'ing.
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    "By default, the Player uses the Windows Media Audio format, which optimizes the balance between file size and sound quality. You can also choose one of the following formats:
    Windows Media Audio (variable bit rate), which can reduce the file size but may also take longer to rip.
    Windows Media Audio Lossless, which provides the best audio quality but increases the file size.
    MP3 format, new in Windows Media Player*10, which provides more flexibility when choosing a format."

    If you ripped the music using wmp by default your music files are .wma but they can be ripped as MP3.

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