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    Sometimes when I hit the top power button, the screen backlight flashes, and a tiny green line appears on the screen.. Normally, after a few tries, it comes up. I haven't dropped it, and the screen looks great. No problem with display at all. Is this normal or something that will be a problem down the road? I have had it over a month, so I don't want a refurb if I get it replaced.

    What do you guys think?
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    i dont have a green line, but sometime my screen wont turn on after a couple of tries. I think it might be 2 things: one, a possessor problem, like its doing something on the background, and 2 it also happens wen I have very poor signal, that often seems to be the case. if your on sprint this is normal in the a bad way tho
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    I have Verizon.. I guess it's not too big a deal.. I just wondered if it was screen damage..
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    I have sprint and have it happen some times. No green line for me. Just push power button and nothing seems to happen..except once it was super dark and the screen "glowed" some but it was very dim and still a black glow. Usually will work the 2nd or 3rd time I hit the power button. I seem to think it is processor related as its like the phone is frozen for a sec. One time it lead to a rouge restart on me.
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    My phone restarts if it's near a speaker with interference.
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    I get this too. Not very often but noticeable. It also just has the backlight turn on and not the actual screen.
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    I get this too all the time, its very frusterating, and sometimes right after I use it, and turn the screen on again because i forgot to see what time it was or something like that, ne response. It also freezes when you take it off the charger, and it goes crazy like I toutched the screen every where but didn't. I hope the next update comes out soon and fixes all these bugs!
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    I know this is a stupid/obvious question but, do you guys ever have something covering the sensor or maybe a sensor issue?
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    I have the original screen protector on mine, I just cut off the pull tab. (the procector that comes on the phone from the factory.)
    My palm history-
    Palm OS: Handspring visor, sony clie
    Palm LifeDrive
    Palm Pre(wifes)
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    Yeah, i bought a pack of them, but the stock one is better... the aftermarker ones just cover literally the screen.

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