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    So I got my parents the Palm Pixi, my mom likes it and my dad hates it. However my mom would love it even more if there was an easier way to answer the phone?

    I know you're not supposed to drive and operate the cell phone, but she wants to be able to answer my dad's calls in case he needs something and she doesn't like the drag to unlock. She wants to be able to push a button or just tap the screen to answer the phone and automatically go to speaker...does anybody know if this is capable?

    I told her that she should get a blue-tooth headset so she can just push the button on the ear piece to answer. But until then, I need an alternate solution.
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    No other solution that I know of then to get a bluetooth headset. If she is going to be driving and talking, then its a worthy investment. Either that or suck it up and "drag to answer"

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    she doesn't have to drag the icon up to answer if the screen was locked. All she needs to do is swipe up from the gesture area. I have found that if the phone app is open I have a tendency to answer and hangup with one swipe, so I always keep the phone app closed. If the app is closed when a call comes in, it closes when you hang up.
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    Or, if you have it on a Touchstone, all you have to do is pull it off the Touchstone to answer a call. Putting it on the Touchstone again then puts it in speakerphone mode.
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    yes, ignore the lock. Swipe from the gesture are to about halfway up the screen. Same with pre. Same for bringing up launcher pages. That was one of the things they added in 1.4
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    also with a touchstone in the car, all she has to do is touch the answer button and it's in speaker mode until she takes it off the touchstone. Radio shack has the TS for $15 and the car charger for $12 to complete the setup.

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