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    So I have a sprint pixi, and I'm getting the radioshack touchstone for 15 dollars. The thing is I wanted a colored (a dark blue) touchstone back and was wondering how light the blue one is. I saw a youtube video online and noticed it was a light blue (which I hate) but I saw one for the ATT pixi and it was the "exclusive" att blue, which is darker, and I like it a lot more. Do you have a blue back and like it? Is it too girly? I'm a guy. Maybe I'll stick with black.

    thanks. Oh, and I typed this on my pixi
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    the AT&T back should fit... Add you can also pick up a can of Krylon...
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    I know, I just don't know where I'd get the ATT back. Hgmmm never heard of krylon, maybe I'll try it. Do you know if it works well, and if the plastic one will work on the rubber-ish back?

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    I'm kidding about the paint.

    Have you checked sites like They do custom designs on their skins, and you could probably have one made any way you want it to look.

    Once AT&T launches the Pixi, they may also sell those backs, since the Pixi+ doesn't come with the TS back... yet.

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