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    Just got my Pixi, longtime centro owner, but the centro screen cracked on me and the touch was no longer working. They practically had to pry it off my hands, I loved that centro so much! I am hoping i made the right choice in going for a Pixi instead of the Pre, but I still have time to change my mind. Anyway, one thing that worries me is that the pixi seems so delicate. On my centro, I usually had replaceable decal type skins on it which really seemed to protect it. I don't have the touchstone yet, but I am guessing that the touchstone will pretty much prevent me from using decals or any type of protective outercovering or hard type cases. I am a girl, I keep my phone in my purse, not on my belt. What's the best solution??
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    I (guy) throw my phone in my pocket. But my girlfriend keeps hers in her purse and we all know you girls keep your bedroom in there somehow. She hasn't had a problem yet though. I put a screen protector on it and thats that. I dont think you can exert enough force on the screen to crack it unless you step/sit on your purse. A case on the pixi i see as dumb, because the phone is mainly comprised of the back, which is replaceable in many different designs/colors. So get yourself a screen protector, mine literally just covers the touch screen part, it'll be fine.
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    The Pixi actually doesn't have a lot of structure that keeps it from flexing. The back is all rubber. So in my mind, the Pixi actually needs a case more than the Pre. My daughter put a Pixi in her backpack and it came home with a broken screen (I think it was the weight of the books or something). I got her the pink Palm zip case, and it is pretty sturdy with padding as well as some kind of inserts that provide some flex resistance.
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    Otterbox !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by donnyxmx View Post
    Otterbox !!!
    Ditto, I have one and the fit and quality is amazing. I never knew cases could be designed so well.
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    is the otterbox working with the touch stone ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by strouze View Post
    is the otterbox working with the touch stone ?
    Sadly it doesn't. Even the slightest gap affects the magnets to the point that they no longer attract. After playing with the touchstone, I may put the otterbox to rest after a couple days because the ts is just more handy. Now I need to find a new ts compatible case.

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