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    Is there a way to turn auto correct off totally? And also, is it possible/is there a patch for zooming in on the digital camera and or the video camera?
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    Camera has a fixed lens...and no digital zoom.

    There is a patch to add/change the auto correct. Not sure if it turns if off however. I will search for it and get back to you.

    Edit: Alternatively to the below you could look at this application. It will allow you to do this right from the phone. You could just edit out the auto corrects you don't like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzukiGS750EZ View Post
    Is there a way to turn auto correct off totally? And also, is it possible/is there a patch for zooming in on the digital camera and or the video camera?
    Camera zoom no.
    Auto correct yes. Just have to receive the file, delete all text and then send back to original slot. I will get you instructions now.

    Right working off the assumption that you have a US pre since you are in connecticut.
    Enable dev mode
    Plug into pc, just charge, open wosqi
    Go to options, receive file. Set the file as /etc/palm/autoreplace/en_us/text-edit-autoreplace
    and pick whatever destination you want.
    Go to the file you saved on the computer, should be text-edit-autoreplace
    Rename it to something like text-edit-autoreplace original
    Now open the file with notepad, either delete all entries if you don't want the auto correct at all or just edit the ones you that you want to.
    Now click save as, save the document as text-edit-autoreplace
    Go to the folder, check that it is called text-edit-autoreplace with no .txt (if it is just rename without the .txt)
    Now open up wosqi again, options, send file
    Choose the text-edit-autoreplace file and choose the destination /etc/palm/autoreplace/en_us/
    Send file
    Now unplug your pre and do a restart
    Check that your changes have taken place by typing in the messaging app

    You might also want to see the link below for the method that I described, courtesy of sqyarc
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    is it possible at some point that a patch could be written to zoom, of the right API was exposed, or is the camera just not able to do it?

    I'm more interested in it for still photos, because the lack of zoom makes them less useful for instant upload. I've started using an app that lets you crop them on the phone - which is basically the same thing... but it sure ruins the coolness factor of being able to upload with a couple of taps.

    I would think that zoom, automatic redeye reduction, and focusing are all things that could be done through software. But that's easy for me to assume. Does anyone know if the camera is technically capable? I would assume all phones use the same camera technology and it's just SMP (simple matter of programming), but I'd like for someone here to comment on that...
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    I would love zoom. What is the other method of zooming that is being referred to?
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    The method of zooming cant is using, is to take a picture, then go to the picture in the photo app, zoom in using pinch, then do a screen capture.
    It's not as good as zoom but it's a work around.
    For screen capture hold orange(grey)+sym+p and then will be in the folder screen capture.
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    Only zoom that could be added (without new hardware) is digital zoom, not optical zoom. Which really doesn't provide you with any improved resolution.
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    Yeah true. Being in photography i know the crappyness of digital zoom. There's not much of a point, unless they can really clean it up. Same difference as cropping from a full wide picture. I still think it'd be somewhat worth it though.

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