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    I'm thinking about switching from Pre to Pixi and I'm still a little unsure. I'm no business man as I am only 16, and I don't really need a powerful phone. The build is better (used sister's and it feels wonderful) and the keyboard is miles better as well. I'm just curious if anybody else here has done the switch and there's anything that you truly miss. My biggest concerns are the lack of wifi and the worse camera. Just looking for some input. Thanks!
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    both are great. At home I want wifi while I'm on the phone.

    big issue is if you can carry something called a 'pixi' to school without getting beat up! Tell them its called the 'pixinator'.
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    I've got the Pixi and compared it to the pre.... if you don't need the extra screen size you can't beat the form factor of the pixi... I mean Pixinator.
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    The lack of wifi would be a dealbreaker for me but if that's not an issue for you then hey-- why not? Give it a shot.
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    I'm in the same boat as you, I had the pre and the build was horrible, then I switched to the Pixi. Now, I wish I kept my pre only because of the overclocks and that Flash is coming to it. If you don't overclock or care about Flash, switch to the Pixi because it is a very nice phone. Plus, we get 3D gaming too in webOS 1.4.5.
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    i just switched and not looking back. loving the pixi. i do miss the wifi a bit, but by no means is it going to convince me to switch back to the pre. screen size difference is negligible, and in terms of speed i believe the pixi is a bit snappier than the (stock) pre. i can certainly say the phone app has almost no lag on the pixi, where it used to constantly lag for me on the pre.
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    What carrier are you on? Sprint Pixi has no WiFi. Verizon and AT&T have the Pixi Plus which includes WiFi, and also has twice the memory and storage of the Sprint Pixi. If you're on Sprint, I'd say stick with the Pre unless you don't care about WiFi.
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    I'm stuck in between. I love the overall build of the pixi, but dislike how slow and laggy it can be. I wish they could stuff all the internals of the pre in the pixi and get it over with.
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    My Pixi plus, lags as much as my Pre plus did. The form factor is great.
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    i am using the pixi plus and love the hardware, the RAM is only 200 MB "big" and thus not very much when running multiple apps (or email/messaging/twitter always on thingies).

    on the linux side the pulseaudio server is quite huge.

    i am thinking about switching to the pre plus because of 512 MB of RAM.

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    I had the Pre since launch day and I just made the switch to the pixi a few weeks ago. The two things you mentioned are the biggest drawbacks...but to me and for my needs the Pixi is great. Form factor, weight, and feel of the phone are so much better. I'm very happy with the switch.

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