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    I figurd i'd put this in this forum since you guys probably know the answer so it'll be a quick one. I've been reading about the GPS on here but it still has me confused. I read that you should turn off google services, but when i turn it off and go into google maps, it says it cant get a location. I have verizon and downloaded the agps patch and whatnot, so what's the deal? Sometimes its 30 yards from my location, a few times the other day it was spot on, but lately it puts me on the other side of the town. What gives? How do i get it to be accurate? Anything else i have to do? and what is the QPST fix for verizon GPS?
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    by the way. My girlfriends phone has no problem and ours have identical everything except themes.
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    I do ##477# and it says can't locate
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    I'm a Sprint customer so I havent had the Verizon GPS trouble that you are having but I've heard this is a reliable temporary fix. Launch VZ Nav and that will open up access to the aGPS, then open your google maps and the GPS location should work better. Let me know if this works.
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    Hi Suzuki. Check out this thread for help with GPS issues. It is the official GPS troubleshooting thread in the Tips and Tricks forum. Good luck.
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    Thanks. Tried the vz nav and still issues. I wonder why my gfs is fine and mines all weird...
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    I noticed when i go to location services and turn on google services and gps and then get out, the GPS on the megamix menu says its off with the auto off patch and when i go into maps its on. is this normal?

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