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    Hi... I posted this on the palm forum:

    "One of the speakers on my Pixi+ is busted... Not sure if it ever worked or if I am just noticing it now. the phone doesn't sound any different than it did when i bought it but one day i happened put my finger over one of them and i could tell there was no sound coming out of the other one.."

    One of the tech guys at the Palm forum came back and said that by design only one speaker actually works... the other one is just for show...

    I'd really appreciate it if someone else with a pixi could please confirm this.

    Is this not just about one stupidest things you've ever heard?

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    I've actually had other devices that did this. It would look like there were two speakers, but in reality there was only one. It's only for appearance, really. I'm not sure why companies do things like that...
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    Yup, there's only ONE speaker, just looks like TWO.

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