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  • I'm happy with the Pixi

    48 42.86%
  • I would had rather gotten a Pre

    11 9.82%
  • I would have rather had a Pixi if it had Pre Specs

    45 40.18%
  • The static Keyboard is the major reason I went with the Pixi

    36 32.14%
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    I have a Sprint Pixi for a second phone and testing. If it had just WiFi added, it would replace my Pre as primary phone. I would rather it be slightly longer and have 480x320 instead of 400x320. I would rather it be as thick as the Pre with a 2600 mAh battery. I would rather it have the specs of the Pre. However, the Pixi with WiFi would beat the Sprint Pre.

    When we get to double memory Pre Pluses, now that might change anything. But I'm not rich enough to afford Verizon or AT&T data plans.
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    the longer I have it and the more I use the more I like it.
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    I'm honestly wishing I had a Pixi instead of a Pre. I'm starting to hate the build quality on my Pre. But the lack of Wi-Fi for me was a deal breaker.
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    After trying out a couple phones as a potential successor to my Centro, I decided that I didn't like moving parts. That rules out the Pre.

    I'm happy with the Pixi, but would be happier with the power of a Pre in the same form factor.
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    I replaced a Centro with a Pixi last December and have been pleased with the performance of the Pixi. I really like the form factor and the build quality. It would be nice to have a little more power but in the ways I use the phone it is adequate.

    Would be nice if Palm has plans for some new hardware based on a Pixi-like design. WebOS is simple to use and much more elegant (at least in my opinion) than Android. Hopefully Palm will not make us wait too long for some updated hardware.
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    I've had my Pixi plus for three weeks now and there are pro's and con's.

    The basic form factor I prefer. But the screen is just a bit too small. A slightly bigger form factor with a larger screen would be nice.

    The device is a bit more laggy than my Pre was. It does need a speed/memory bump.

    I have one of the artist edition touchstone back covers and I really love that. It transforms the look of the device and makes it stand out from the crowd.

    I wouldn't mind if it was a little thicker and heavier with a bigger battery. It is currently almost too thin and light.

    Overall though I'm pretty happy with the change over from the Pre. At 220 off contract that's pretty good value for money.

    The main issue for me, and it applies to webOS generally, is that we need more UK oriented apps.
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    Love my Pixi a lot more then my Pre. Plus with the sweet touchstone backs I can get with my Pixi makes it that much better!
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    I had the AT&T Pre Plus for 29 days had lots of fun tweaking it and over clocking it. But I ultimately switched to the Pixi Plus. Like the form factor and the hardware quality (not that the plus was that bad, but over time that slider was going to fail). Also like how you can't even tell the pixi is in your pocket.

    The speed of the stock PLUS (no overclocking) is pretty close to the stock pre.
    when you over clock complete different story.

    Other than the occasional very slight lag I like the pixi much more than the pre.

    Screen, camera sizes don't bother me screen still looks sharp.

    Like everyone says would like the Pre specs in the Pixi, but no a deal breaker still a very capable device.
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    Does the smaller screen ever cause any issues? I know the Pre has an extra 1/2 inch I believe?
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    Only issue for me is squinting. I think the Pre's screen is a little too small as well, honestly. I guess it's the trade-off for not having to carry a brick in your pocket, though.
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    when is the pixi goinq to qet an update at first iloved my pixi but then afrer a month it has gotten borinq kindah wished iwoulda gott dha pree **** if the update comes maybe iwould stik with my pixi
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