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    I was trying to update my facebook app and the download process was very glitchy, kept getting stuck even though I left it to work overnight. I could not get it to stop the download no matter what I tried. A google search and a post on another board suggested I try deleting applications and data and basically resetting the phone, which worked.

    Basically my address book is gone...I only have whatever addresses were populated by facebook and none of my personal phone numbers (I have peoples' email addresses but can't text them).

    This is my 2nd pixi, the first one broke. When I got the 2nd one all of this information automatically filled in from the network. Is there a way to force tha now or to recover my phone numbers? All of my pics and videos are still there.

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    as long as your connections are still in facebook, you will be ok.

    Try this. Delete your account in the following apps: Facebook, Contacts, Photos, Calendar.

    Once you don't have any reference to your facebook account in those 4 places, then do a manual back up (on the third launcher page).

    Then log in to the facebook app and see if it starts sucking down your contacts...

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