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    I managed to crack my screen on my first Pixi a few months ago, but have since replaced it. I was bored the other day, so I decided to take it apart (fairly easy). I figured I could just replace the screen (whole front face) but I am having trouble sourcing one. I found this one from mobile.brando. c o m , but the seller said it didn't have the connecting ribbon cable (which I need as well). So can anyone help me out?

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    can you use the connection ribbon from the current broken screen. I used to fix my old treo phones and just a soldering gun can help a lot as well along with a magnetic protective ribbon around the writs (anti-static)
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    I just checked and it seems that the ribbon connects directly to the screen. I somehow ripped it off while pulling the phone apart.
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    have you check ebay? I remember seeing some seller in hong kong has pre's replacement touch screen, didn't look for pixi though.
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    Yeah you might need a new ribbon. Most of these ribbons can be found on similar devices, I had a link to this site in China, Mr. Chong that is. But can't find it where you would love to buy engineering parts as a hobby.

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