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    Have you guys seen this exciting news?!
    An anonymous [credible?] source from PreCentral News has confirmed that 3D gaming [well, certain 3D games] will be coming to the PIXI with the WebOS 1.4.5 update.

    We also heard that webOS 1.4.5 would bring the PDK and 3D gaming to the Pixi. We've just confirmed that with an anonymous source - 3D gaming is definitely hitting the Pixi with webOS 1.4.5.

    Not every 3D game will be available on the Pixi. Firstly, there's the smaller screen resolution to content with. Unlike regular webOS apps, most PDK apps need to be coded for a specific screen resolution and will need adjustment for the Pixi. Secondly, the Pixi does have some different OpenGL support and other hardware differences that may make some of the more intense games on webOS feel a might bit sluggish - so we're guessing that some of them won't make the cut.

    The release should come in "several weeks."
    This is also mentioned at Palm InfoCenter
    Next webOS Update to Boost Pixi Gaming?

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    Yes this was posted to the front page on Monday.

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