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    I was wondering if anyone has a problem with the Pixi telling them that to many cards are open while there aren't any open. I have only had this phone for a week and it has been fine up until now. This morning I opened an email and tried to click on something within the email and it started with this "two many cards open" popup. I didn't have any other cards even open at the time. Then I couldn't even open and it would tell me the same thing but nothing was open. Can you tell me if this is a common problem? I did do the update to and I dont have alot insalled on the phone yet (still has 6.8 gb left). I turned it off to reboot and it seemed to fix it for now anyways. I just was wondering if this is common and something I should expect because I still have a couple weeks to return this phone with the 30 day return policy. Thanks for any info. you can give!!
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    Happened to me too, week old Pixi+, i just restarted and it was ok after that.
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    The phones will do that some times. Do a reboot. I usually reboot once a day just to make sure everything is running smoothly. There is an app/patch for that-it will reboot for you every day at the same time...look in preware for it. It works great but I like to do the reboot my self, so I don't have it anymore. Hope this helps.
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    Usually cased by a memory leak which is why people usually restart their day every day or so. If you have preware you can download something called jstop which helps prevent this. Still recommended that you restart your phone every so often like you would a computer.
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    jstop it works
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    Thanks for the responses! It has been fine since rebooting it yesterday when this started happening. I guess I will just have to reboot it more often. Thanks again!
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    it is a garbege collection problem that has to do with one of the apps not properly closing. I get the error after using my subway maps. Took me a couple of times to figure out what was causing the problem.

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