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    yeah so I've literally tried EVERYTHING there is to do to fix my problem. the thing is, whenever i call someone, they can't hear me, and I can't hear them, unless I put it on speakerphone -.-
    I've tried unplugging my headphones and plugging them various times
    I've tried soft resets galore
    I've tried plugging in my headphones, muting, unmuting, and then removing my headphones during a call
    I've tried removing my battery while my Pixi was on (apprently headphone settings are saved when shutting down and restarting..)
    and a whole lot of other things.
    I just want a legitimate effing way to hear phone calls and music on my Pixi again. this is getting aggrivating..and I'm REALLY trying to avoid a Sprint store >.<
    thanks in advance..
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    Try this:

    The thing that has worked the best for me is to take a cotton-tipped swab (Q-tip in the US.) and dip it in a VERY small amount of WD-40. The swab is barely moist. Insert the swab into the headset jack until it reaches the bottom.
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    i tried that one like 50 times already but thanks D:

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