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    I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this...I do not have a palm pixi yet, but I want to buy one asap, heard nothing, but good about them, but one of my concerns about getting rid of my LG rumor is its ability so assign different songs for TEXT tones when a friend texts me I can ALSO assign texts as a ringtone of my choice, where as most phone ONLY allow you to assign ringers to different contacts, if anyone has any information on this or know yes it can do that the help would be greatly appreciated......
    Hope to hear from some people asap....
    Thanks again
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    Yes you can do all that, I own a Pixi and have different ringers for text/phone call from the same person.

    Its all done with patches from preware...if you haven't checked it out yet, look up the forums on them on this site. Very helpful and not hard to do.
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    Does the phone come with patches which I never heard of ha ha or is it something I have to download into phone to be able to do that??? At least I know it DOES have the option though somehow, awesome! Will try and find that thread now though. Thanks a lot!!
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    Yes you do have to plug the phone into a CPU to turn on developer mode...but it is not rocket science and doesn't take much at all.....came from blackberry and would never go the webOS!!
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    Yeah well I figure as much, so way better than a blackberry huh? Good to know, I will be getting one this week then...
    Thanks man!
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    The only negative is the battery life....but it has definately gotten better over time...had my pixi for a few weeks and getting a full day's use now without charging.

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