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    Hey guys, as i'm sure a few of you know, i'm expecting my pixi plus either monday or tuesday. I'm looking to learn as much as i can about it before i even open the package. I wanted to know what you guys find are the best/most useful settings to configure. I charge my phone everyday and use it eh at the most 14 hours a day but am not calling and texting on it all day, thats just my normal phone usage time span. On my other phones i kept brightness and stuff down, but a smartphone is a new thing for me. Do i turn off all location services? I will be using GPS/Internet and texting/calling.
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    As far as I know leaving GPS on isn't a huge battery drain because GPS is only used when an app asks for it. However, most people would recommend that you go into location services, touch the upper left hand corner and go to "Locate Me Using" and select only GPS rather than using Google Services. I also think I've seen a patch in preware that automatically enables GPS when you open up maps then disable upon closing, although I haven't used it. I've used a Pre, a Pre Plus, and now a Pixi Plus, and my battery life on my Pixi is much better than on my pre's.
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    i just noticed i keep pretty much everything default, but u shold turn on advanced gestures
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    Turning down the brightness on any phone will always save battery life, but from my experience with the Pixi it shouldn't be necessary. I do recommend the same as ashykat; that you should turn of Google Assisted GPS during the initial setup. I hope you enjoy your new Palm phone!
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    What is google assisted gps?

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