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    its been a while since the pre vba emulator came out and the nes emulator just recently came out for both pre and pixi and i was just wondering if anyone is trying to make a pixi gameboy emulator because it seems the pixi gets left out of alot of application even thought the only difference between the pre and pixi is the processor and the screen size the regular pre and pixi and pixi plus have the same amount of ram it and recently people say it can handle 3d gaming so i dont understand y some people say it isent possible
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    well i tried NESem for the pixi.. the emulator works fine but when i load a rom it just goes back to the main NESem screen.. I contacted kalemsoft in regards to that and he said that its still in the works for the pixi.. I'm pretty sure the pixi can handle vba but it just wont install on the pixi.... i've been searching around and the processing power is almost the same between the pixi and pre.. but once the pre is overclocked with the govnah app then its a different story
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    why make a new thread about the samething you just got the answer to in another thread ? ( GAMEBOY EMULATOR FOR PIXI )
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    it's old and i wanted to find a more accurate response. and i wanted to see if anyone knew of a pixi emulator in the making. i was just wondering how long pixi users have to wait for something that the pre has had for months

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